Viewing open / archived or closed topics

FYI I added a “hidden” query string so you can filter down topic lists to open / closed or archived topics.

For example, the following will display all the open bugs in meta.


This is great! We need a few more querystrings like this for “advanced” browsing of topics.

I was thinking &noreplies=1 would also be good for finding orphaned topics that haven’t had any replies. These probably need a reply … or to be deleted altogether.


I would just go with replies=0 easier to remember / more flexible … will add


Also pinned would be nice, once cleared, very hard to see unless you go incognito.


Are these all of the “hidden” query strings? If not, can we get an updated list? Thanks!


Are all of these implemented (including replies=0 and if so, how do you access it?)

In particular, I’d really like the replies=0

Just add the querystring to the end of the URL, as in the first post.

I don’t think replies=0 is working right now, despite what @sam said. At least I can’t get it to work.

Phew, your first sentence had me thinking I was doing something wrong :smile:

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Can we get a button so we can just click it instead of typing ?status=open. It would really help make discourse usable as a bug tracker.

Where would we put it ?

Maybe like a filter dropdown next to these? Dropbox - Link not found

If someone can point me to which file(s) I can look at to see what querystring are already implemented, I’ll take a look there first before suggesting more :smile:

Posts in the last X days, frequently I visit Today’s Posts/Threads at our current forum so I can be sure to read everything that may have been created today. I do realize the Latest sort of fills that void, so I’m not going to push this one hard because I can probably make that work (I won’t know until we are fully converted over though). So please don’t put a lot of focus on this one unless you can think of a way to tweak it so that latest wouldn’t make sense (or be as useful).

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This is marginally useful. I say marginally because:

  1. It isn’t discoverable to anyone who doesn’t visit this forum. And even then, you have to stumble upon this topic.
  2. It doesn’t persist. So if you set the status filter on Latest, go to New, and then come back to Latest, you have to reset the status filter.

I can conceive of situations when typical, non-power users (or power users who haven’t been to meta) might want to use a feature like this. What’s wrong with making it easier to find and use?


Can you explain what you mean when you say “this”? Maybe be a little more specific, provide an actual example? I’m not following #2 in your list at all.

Based on my quick read: “this” refers to the querystring filters.

In short, if I’m on latest, and I modify the querystring to only show open threads, /latest?status=open, when I navigate to a topic and then back to the latest page, my filter is gone (I see closed and open topics again).


By “this”, I mean the ability to filter the closed/open topic in a topic list (as perror the OP).

For #2, go to the bugs category and filter to just open topics, using the status query string argument. You suddenly realize you understand wanted new topics only. Given the pace that the Bugs category moves at, there is a reasonable chance that some of the new topics are closed, so you will probably see both open and closed topics at this point because the status filter isn’t persisted.

Edit: @cpradio got it exactly right.


I realy like hiden query
Is there way to filter on this way topics with FLAGed posts.
Also will you soon implement query with no replies

By the way FYI

This thows 404 you need to avoid more to get reuslts ?

Is there a way to get all posts.
Ill like to make client which will call

to get make statistical reports by parsing posts.
How I can get all posts if /more does not work anymore

Does this querystring stuff still work @sam? Or should we pull this topic?

Still works, just ran it on Meta. :smile:

It all still works, no reason to pull it imo