Delete button is enabled for auto-generated groups

The default Admin/Moderator/Staff groups have Delete button enabled and visible. As far as I know Discourse didn’t allow for deleting these groups. Potentially a bug?

I haven’t dared to click the delete button because I don’t want to screw up the functionality. The delete button is also visible on trust level groups.


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I have the same question. Is staff or TL group are safe to be delete? If not that why it gona happen.

Can we repro this @tshenry ?

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I can repro, but thankfully it looks like nothing bad will happen:

I do think it would probably be ideal to suppress the delete button from automatic groups entirely.


Glad to see we display a clear message when you try deleting. I wonder though if removing the button will cause its own confusion. “Why do some groups not have the delete button?”

I’m not opposed to hiding the button, but would we want to instead grey it out like we do the delete button on the category edit page? Or include text noting that automatic groups can’t be deleted?


Sure we should probably assign this next week @eviltrout for some form of cleanup.


@Roman_Rizzi looks like we could use a Guardian method here for can_delete_group or similar? Can you handle it?


The group’s delete button now behaves the same way as the categories one. Should be fixed by:


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