Delete Tag Warning Improvement

For the fourth time since implementing “Unhandled” one of our staff has deleted the “Unhandled” tag.

This isn’t the end of the world, but it does essentially handle things that haven’t been handled yet, making it so some customers do not get replies.

When users click a tag, they’re taken to a list of all the posts with that tag (good).
When they click the “Delete Tag” button they get a warning (good):

But the warning isn’t explicit about what is about to happen. If the user is thinking “I want to remove this tag from this topic” then the warning fits with that mental model, and OK seems like a perfectly good answer.

But if the warning said “Are you sure you want to delete this tag and remove it from all 675 topics it is assigned to?” then the user would likely not click “OK”.

I suggest this as an alternative to what I imagine is much harder: making the “unhandled” tag immune to deletion.


Adding a count is topics that will be affected is a great idea! Totally support adding it.

Putting a #pr-welcome on this for now, in case someone from the community wants to add this before we get to it!


Even without the count of topics, simply rewording it to say “This will delete the tag from all topics to which it is assigned.” may save us considerable headache.

We’ve lost our unhandled state four times the “unhandled” system was rolled out for McNeel - I’d really appreciate it if we could work toward avoiding this again. I believe we’ve paid for some unused dev hours on the tagging/assignment project. Can we get this done sooner than later, please?


Sure, I am assigning this to myself, will look at adding it as soon as I am done with my current theme work.

Probably can look at it by the end of next week.


Aha someone is stealing your work @sam

Hi @sam, I’m first-time contributor and am interested in working on Discourse for this round of Outreachy.

I went ahead and created PR for this. I only added english text, for other languages text stays the same.

PS: sorry for stealing your work :slight_smile:


This has been merged :confetti_ball:

Great work @maja!


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