Delete/undelete icon did not update in discobot's advanced tutorial during the 'undelete' section

The message was deleted, but the button under it did not update (from a bin icon to a undo icon) until I refreshed the page.


Using Firefox 115.0.2, Windows 10

Hi Danny. :wave:

Are you able to reproduce this issue in any other browser or OS? It is working for me in Firefox and Fedora. :thinking:

I now cannot reproduce it on the original system.
I attempted to do this my starting the tutorial again, in the same thread.
It is unclear to me whether I would be able to reproduce it on the original system with a blank slate thread.

I also attempted to reproduce this on:
Fairphone 3(+) Android 13 (6.A.018.0)
Firefox: 115.2.0 (Build #2015961523), ff36f634f8+ GV: 115.0.2-20230710165010 AS: 115.0
and could not reproduce it (with the same above caveat).

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I’ve slipped this over to support, but if it turns out it wasn’t just a blip and you can get some repro steps we can move back again. :slight_smile: :+1:

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For clarity: no support is needed. I was just reporting a bug.