Delete Unreplied Topics plugin

The Delete Unreplied Topics plugin scans designated categories for topics that exist over x days which did not get any replies, and deletes them. This keeps your forum clean of topics that did not gain any traction for whatever reason.


  • delete_unreplied_topics_categories the categories to work on
  • delete_unreplied_topics_days the amount of days before a topic without any posts will be deleted
  • delete_unreplied_topics_dry_run a safety net to test and make sure the plugin will not delete unwanted parts of your forum

The plugin logs its actions in /logs.

The repository can be found here.

This work has been sponsored by @outofthebox.


Amazing work @RGJ! Your skillful development of this plugin is a huge time saver and greatly improves our community.


Thank you for writing this.

It would be good if it would log the topic title as well as ID (DeleteUnrepliedTopics removing Topic ID #{}).

And it would be more reassuring if delete_unreplied_topics_dry_run would default to true :slight_smile:


Thank you, those are very useful suggestions. I have made those changes.


I finally installed this plugin, so far in dry run mode. It seems correctly to identify the topics to delete.

In the logs each line like DeleteUnrepliedTopics would remove Topic ID *number* (*topic title*) (dry run mode) is preceded by the X indicator for an “Error”. I’d have expected it be “Info” or even “Warning”.

@RGJ Is that expected? Thanks. I’m using the latest version of Discourse.

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Yes, that seems to be by design. I vaguely remember that there was some issue with debug levels so I made it to be an error. Sorry for any confusion!


Thanks for clarifying that. The plugin works as expected, thanks - though, interestingly, unlisted topics are displayed by Discourse as having at least one reply (i.e. the act of unlisting) which means your plugin does not delete them.

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