Category-level auto-delete topics the same as auto-close feature

this is a feature request to make it possible to have a category where users are free to discuss without any concern.

two use cases I can think of:

  • for newbies who may be afraid to participate, one can config a category whose topics are temporary and is more like a test environment (like

  • for countries with lots of censorship (less freedom of words), it’d be much safer for users to discuss temporarily rather than permanent.


I raised this here:

The general consensus now is that we want to build something like this. I am going to slot it to next release.


thanks but I guess the functionality of these two features are opposite to each other. as you mentioned in the linked topic, the “auto-delete reply” feature is best for keeping well-documented topics, while the “auto-delete topic” feature is ideal for temporary discussions.

isn’t it possible to have both features?

Sure… we already have auto delete topic, so you can consider that done :+1:


yes of course, then is it possible to add a setting to the categories as “auto-delete topics in this category after … minutes”, just like “auto-close” setting? I’m looking for some way to set a temporary discussion category, and it’d be hard and boring if admins need to set the topics of a category for auto-deletion by hand.


Like @jessicat and @Pad_Pors, I’m interested in such a category-wide setting that automatically deletes topics within a category. I can see that stickies should be preserved with such a function. Maybe optional, topics with many bookmarks or likes could be kept, too, although I’m not interested in that. Do I overlook other topics that should not be deleted?

I figured with auto close and Automatically delete replies after N days most of the similar code should already be there and would just have to be adapted and put into a plugin. But the pull-request is overwhelming me.

Are there or have there already been further steps in this direction? Does the team or the community have any further interest in this?


I think this would be very useful as well.
We have a category where each post is a wiki (for our internal documentation). We use replies to discuss change-requests and these are deleted after 30 days.
We can set up auto wiki on a category level, but it would be really great if we can automatically add a topic timer (auto delete replies after X days) to each new topic in the category. Right now we have to do it manually for each topic which is a lot of extra clicks.


I came here to see if this was possible/request the feature. It would be really useful. Our use-case is a student-support forum where we’d like questions to time out after a specific period of time to avoid cluttering the category with prosaic queries/noise. We’d like to be able to manually preserve some topics where they have lasting relevance, but this would not be the default

Relatedly, it would be cool to have an admin/moderator feature where topics that are about to be deleted can be reviewed before they go. If a moderator could subscribe to a weekly digest of to-be-deletd topics and replies that would be even better.


I also desperately need this function :raising_hand_man:


Yes. I think options could be:

  • Only delete closed topics
  • Only delete archived topics
  • Don’t delete closed topics
  • Don’t delete archived topics
  • Don’t delete closed topics
  • Don’t delete pinned topics
  • Don’t delete topics with solutions[1]
  • Don’t delete topics with at least ____ hearts (or other reactions)
  • Don’t delete topics with at least ____ votes[2]
  • Don’t delete topics with at least ____ replies

Also: if this does get attention sometime, it makes sense to me to add “Archive” at the same time.

  1. if that plugin is enabled, of course ↩︎

  2. again, if the plug is enabled ↩︎

I’d like to add our voice to this request. We’d like to have a setting for each Category where the admins can (optionally) set a default auto-delete topic timer for all posts to that category.

In our case we have a Classified Ads category and I’d like to keep it tidy by having all ads (topics) older than N days be deleted automatically.



I’d like to have this functionality as well.