Delete user’s posts after anonymization?

We want to anonymize a user so quotes of his posts won’t show his name, delete all posts by that user, and then delete the user entirely.

After we anonymize his posts, will the profile still exist such that we can nuke his posts and proceed from there? Are there any best practices for this?

Just in case, if you have disabled prioritize_username_in_ux and enabled display_name_on_posts, I believe the full name in quotes won’t be replaced with “anonXXX”.

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Thank you! Neither of those settings has been changed. So anything else we need to watch out for? This sequence will expunge the user?

  1. anonymize user
  2. delete all of the user’s posts
  3. delete the user
  4. rebake posts, I assume? To fix quoted names.

I know we can’t remove all the quotes themselves without editing thousands of posts, so not going to attempt that unless there’s an easy way to do it.