Deleting user and posts


I have to delete a user and all the posts associated to the account. This user has over 1000 posts.
I can increase the limit of “delete all posts max” and then delete the account from the Admin panel.

There is also this delete button in the user’s summary:

If I press it it warns that it will delete the user but will it also delete all the posts? I don’t want to find that I am deleting the user profile and all the posts are left unassociated to any account.


That’s generally the problem with deletion, you’d be removing topics and replies that user made, so with over 1,000 posts you’d expect a lot of holes in conversations.

Can you anonymize the user instead? That option is available at the bottom of the user’s admin page (there’s an admin button on the top right of the user’s profile).


I got a specific request to delete the posts.

Just wondering if that delete button will delete everything or only the profile?

It will delete everything.


Thanks Kris.

When people are happy to leave the posts there I anonymise the account to keep the flow of conversations.


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