Deleted Post remaining visible

OK I am a moderator in a large Discourse environment that recently launched. I saw a self Deleted post this morning and figured it was just my L4 and tag that allowed me to. But I signed on as a L1 and still saw the post with the 24h notice. Is that just the system or is there some setting that was missed. Seems users should not see these posts.

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Why not? It explains to users where a post went, if staff want it gone sooner, then they have the tools to do so.

You also have the option to edit delete removed posts after which is the number of hours before a post is removed automatically, set it to 0 and the posts are gone immediately.

From experience though that tends to cause confusion, users get a notification of a reply, open the topic and then start support topics to ask where the reply went.


Perfect thanks - Volunteers set all of it up then staff took away our Admin privileges and they are lost - but sense we can no longer see the platform is hard to guide them

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