Deleted username but can not use that username in other user

I have deleted a user with username = “XXX” and I want yo change the username of other user with the same username of deleted user but I can not. I get the mensagges. “Username have to be unique”

How can I check if a username is taken or not complete deleted?



You can go in your admin -> users -> filter by username.
Alternatively, you could use data explorer.

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Yes, I have deleted the user from admin–>users but After that I can not use the same username that I removed

Then try using data-explorer and execute this request:

SELECT username FROM users WHERE username LIKE '%username%' 

Might give some clue.

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No results. But when I try to use the username of a user deleted I get the messages that username must be unique.

Other table where can be that username?

I don’t know. What is the username you’re trying to use?
Maybe you try a reserved username, but I guess you’d have a different message…
Also the previous user woudn’t have been able to choose it :man_shrugging:t6:

Here’s the code that checks if a username is already taken:

    (SELECT AS id, true as is_user FROM users
    WHERE users.username_lower = :username)


    (SELECT, false as is_user FROM groups
    WHERE lower( = :username)

Any deleted user?

edit: I tried to rename a user the same name as a group, and it says the username must be unique. Maybe that’s your issue?


Do you have a group with this name? @Canapin is correct that users and groups share a namespace.

No, I have not any group with the same name.

Another thing is that I can mention in DM messages username of deleted users.