Deleted user can signup for an account but with the same username they had

(This can be confusing since i’m locked in TL0, so i cannot post any attachments.)

When someone was deleted yesterday, i wanted to try out if they can still sign up but with the same usermame. I was shocked when it said that the “Username was Available”. Although this can lead to problems, since if someone got banned and a mod forgot to ip ban them, they can enter back in.

When a user is deleted their username is freed up to be used again. If you’d like to block that username you can manually add it to your reserved usernames admin setting. However, this would not stop them from signing up with a different username.

Though when you ‘delete and block’ a user their IP and email are added to the screened IP and screened email list which would prevent them from signing up or logging in using them.


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