Deleting IP (registration and last seen) from database for a user

I’m transfering ownership of a instance to a new owner and I’d like to anonimize the IP’s of the admins and moderators. What would be the proper way to delete several users IP’s?

One stupid question: why would you like to that? IPs are really useless anyway.

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It was a request made by moderators that don’t want to continue with the new ownership and want to anonimize their accounts.

I still don’t get it. New admin can’t use IPs to personalized users. Do you really have there firm IPs and everyone has different IP by operators? Sounds odd.

But normal anomyzation by Discourse should be enough.

And if they really think someone can use IP to identify them you should delete all logs of servers too. And backups.

Awful job for nothing.

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Simply have them make new accounts. Then use anonymize account. Only mods and admins can generally see ips for what it is worth

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IPs aren’t totally useless. Assuming no VPNs are used, at a bare minimum they provide the country that the user logs in from. Depending on the operator, further geographic information may be available, for example doing a whois lookup on my IP address will tell you (accurately) that I’m in Oxford.

How often the IP address changes depends on operator as well, mine can change at any moment but it usually goes years without changing.

Hypothetically, if this new owner operates another service that these admin/moderators use, they could correlate dates and IP addresses to identify their accounts on that other service. Maybe that’s undesirable for some reason. :man_shrugging:

Yep, I agree with this.