Deleting posts/topics/uploads

(David Collantes) #1

My apologies, as I know this might have been discussed at length previously, but I am still trying to understand. On a reply by @codinghorror, a while back, he wrote:

Will that mean that, if I want to completely delete a post, I should just hide them? Will the delete removed posts after setting apply to the forum administrator, and thus, the topics/posts deleted/hidden by the administrator’s account be removed after the n hours set? Are posts and topics considered the same, for this setting?

How can one delete uploads, so that the purge deleted uploads grace period days settings become applicable (Grace period (in days) before a deleted upload is erased)?

(David Collantes) #2

So, based on the silent acceptance this topic got, am I to assume hidden posts do not get deleted after 30 days, and thus the delete removed posts after setting is a placebo?

(cpradio) #3

Okay, I must have missed this topic earlier, but here is my understanding of how that setting works.

  1. A Hidden post is still a post that can be seen by other users, it has the message of “this content is hidden due to community flagging”, or something like that, and therefore it is still “visible”
  2. At 30 days (or whatever you have set), the post will be marked as “deleted”

This does not permanently destroy the post, instead it hides it from regular users to where only staff can see it. Discourse, to my knowledge, NEVER destroys a post entirely.

Uploads in that now deleted post, should eventually be cleaned up via the grace period at the next time it runs via Sidekiq.

(David Collantes) #4

Not trying to be nitpicky, but if delete doesn’t delete, then maybe that word shouldn’t be used. Flagged should replace the current Hidden, and Hidden should be made the new deleted.

I searched meta a lot, and found three years old developer discussions about implementing a real purge. There has been no advances on that idea, correct?

(cpradio) #5

I am unaware of any plans for a real purge. The only way I know to do that is via the Rails console and calling post.destroy() on the post in question. So it technically exists, but isn’t automated in any form.

(David Collantes) #6

I tried the Rails console approach (found an old post referring to it), and it vomited errors at me, so I decided to hold that off.

The reply I referred about:

(Mittineague) #7

Wise decision. A “post” is inter-connected in many ways, not doing something correctly could cause massive pain.

For example, the “belongs” and “has” can give some idea