Deleting Topics on Meta?

I find it surprising and a little disturbing that a couple of recent topics I was following have simply been deleted. Both concerned the new user/returning user callout feature that’s being developed.

Certain posts were deleted first, then soon thereafter, the whole topic disappeared. Someone posted a second topic this evening asking about the original one, and now that topic is gone as well.

What’s going on here?


We delete topics on Meta to keep only most relevant stuff for people searching.

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Sorry Chris,

But we reserve the rights to delete content here as we see fit.

  • We sometimes delete out-of-date topics that provide no value
  • We sometimes delete highly combative discussions
  • We sometimes delete topics that are discussing a feature that is radically different to what it was presented as in the OP and needs a reboot.

see also: How do you manage when the topic becomes too long?

If you feel a topic was deleted by mistake due to a fat finger feel free to message me.