Demoting users whom are not active

Hi everyone,

I run a private invite-only discourse server. Thanks to the simple installation etc I have been able to keep it live since 2016 (apart from one broken issue when upgrading the docker).

Is it possible to kick off users automatically if they don’t contribute any posts or perhaps haven’t visited the forum in a set amount of time.

My forum is not looking for users but I want to get rid of the lurkers also.

Any links or pointers to such functionality (if already present) would be much appreacited!!

There is an official plugin courtesy @blake that will auto-suspend inactive users. Give it a shot.


Thanks @codinghorror,

I should have searched before asking!!!

Is this the one? It’s done by David Taylor rather than Blake.

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There is my one: discourse-auto-suspend. As the name suggests, it suspends the user after a period of inactivity.

The official one Jeff is talking about is Discourse-auto-deactivate which deactivates users after a period of inactivity:

Deactivated users can log back in simply by confirming their email address, so I think you want discourse-auto-suspend


Oh yes, my bad. Deactivate vs. suspend. Thank you for the clarification @david!


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