Automatic/Bulk deleting inactive users

(hosna) #1

Is there a way to delete inactive users? Lets say inactive means a user last seen 1 year ago, without any post.

(Thomas_Gravanis) #2

Hey there,

You can do it manually by heading to their profile, go to the persons’ admin panel, head all the way down until you find a Delete User.

Not sure about inactive users, but there are many topics to search for regarding the same question. I found this one:

(hosna) #3

I’m aware of how to delete a user manually. I was looking for kind of automatic or bulk way.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

I wouldn’t actually mind having this functionality built into Discourse, but it is not popular because it “decreases” user count metrics.

That seems like a fairly safe definition, except what if this user had a bunch of read time? I’d say you need to limit it to

  • last seen 1 year ago
  • no posts
  • user at TL0 (less than 15m total account read time)

(hosna) #5

Absolutely. this is also a good limit for inactive user.

I don’t know how inactive users might increase any value to the forum. I mean who cares if we have a million of inactive users? :thinking:

(Régis Hanol) #6

@nbianca can you add that to your list. Low pri.

(Jeff Atwood) #7

It’ll need to have a LONG default for safety. Like two years.

(hosna) #8

Another advantage of having this ability is to free up short usernames that are taken by inactive users.

(Bianca) #9

I submitted a PR about this:

(hosna) #10

Thats great :smiley: . where is the option to change the default 2 years limit? And btw can we also do a webhook call when a user is deleted?

(Jeff Atwood) #11

Oh yes there should be a site setting to adjust the time limit here @nbianca for sure. 2 years is still a good safe default of course.