Automatic/Bulk deleting inactive users

Is there a way to delete inactive users? Lets say inactive means a user last seen 1 year ago, without any post.


Hey there,

You can do it manually by heading to their profile, go to the persons’ admin panel, head all the way down until you find a Delete User.

Not sure about inactive users, but there are many topics to search for regarding the same question. I found this one:

I’m aware of how to delete a user manually. I was looking for kind of automatic or bulk way.

I wouldn’t actually mind having this functionality built into Discourse, but it is not popular because it “decreases” user count metrics.

That seems like a fairly safe definition, except what if this user had a bunch of read time? I’d say you need to limit it to

  • last seen 1 year ago
  • no posts
  • user at TL0 (less than 15m total account read time)

Absolutely. this is also a good limit for inactive user.

I don’t know how inactive users might increase any value to the forum. I mean who cares if we have a million of inactive users? :thinking:


@nbianca can you add that to your list. Low pri.


It’ll need to have a LONG default for safety. Like two years.


Another advantage of having this ability is to free up short usernames that are taken by inactive users.


I submitted a PR about this:


Thats great :smiley: . where is the option to change the default 2 years limit? And btw can we also do a webhook call when a user is deleted?


Oh yes there should be a site setting to adjust the time limit here @nbianca for sure. 2 years is still a good safe default of course.


Is there a way to undo the delete?
This feature purged a bunch of users that we’d have preferred to have emailed out a reminder to first.

No, unless no changes have occurred since your last backup.

It’s highly advisable to consult the release notes before applying any updates, and in addition I would strongly recommend you run all changes through a staging site before touching a live instance.

This is complete thanks @nbianca!