Deprecated AdSense plugin in the admin panel?

I’m on the latest official Discourse installation. I have installed GitHub - discourse/discourse-adplugin: Official Discourse Advertising Plugin. Install & Start Serving Ads on Your Discourse Forum.

I have my publisher id and the Ad Manager id. I updated my ads.txt which is in the root of my domain. Everything is setup on the side of Google AdSense. There’s just one thing that’s weird and I think it’s related to the plugin itself.

I would’ve opened an issue on gitlab but there’s no issue tab.

Essentially, when visiting the “AdSense” tab in the admin panel and typing the publisher code and pressing the green checkmark, it will not take it. Forget the publisher code, change anything like the trust level and press ok. I’m not sure if the AdSense plugin got deprecated after the new Discourse update and whether we simply use the “Ad Plugin” tab only now, but it still appears in the admin panel.

You should see the following in the admin panel:


All these will work if you visit the url and refresh, but not the adsense tab.

Basically visiting this is fine and will accept user input:

Visiting this will give an error:

I welcome anyone to go to the adsense page and refresh it to reproduce the error. Another way to reproduce it simply change try to change the trust level to see if it accepts the user input:

After clicking on the green checkmark, it won’t update it.

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Your ad blocker is intercepting the request because it contains the word ‘adsense’.
Disable your ad blocker and try again.


Thank you! That was the issue. It’s weird because I disabled Opera’s adblock and ublock, but when I refreshed the page, it still didn’t appear. Then I went to chrome and disabled it and it worked.