Should I recreate Google Adsense Plugin?

I need new features in existing Google Adsense plugin.

Should I add new features to existing Google Adsense Plugin or Can I recreate new plugin myself with new repo?

Google introduced many new features in Adsense. But existing plugin looks like not in development for long time.

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I think you should check this one out


thanks @Mittineague. I didn’t checked this official plugin before

@vinothkannans @Mittineague is there still a separate only google adsense plugin ?

Basically i am using the discourse standard ad plugin but i am facing issues with CMP IAB 2.1a errors in my adsense dashboard, as the ad plugin is not configured and has no feature to ask consent from EU users before showing ads due to CCPA and GDPR. How can i correctly load adsense ads only if CMP Consent has been given by the user?

i made a post about the same issue here Official Advertising / Ad Plugin for Discourse