Dev environments scripts

I’ve been using the docker scripts bundled with discourse for a while, but I’ve found they don’t work particularly well with my want to often switch between different dev instances (for instance, one running tests-passed, one running a branch where I’m developing an awesome new feature, one running a plugin I’m developing, and so on).

So, I rolled my own, heavily inspired by the originals:

I’ve been using them for about a week now and they haven’t set anything on :fire:, so I humbly offer them up to anyone else who may find them useful.

Basic usage is explained in the README, but to give a taste:

  • Setup a foo environment:
    source discourse-dev-scripts/setup foo
  • Create the discourse_dev_foo docker image with the bar plugin mounted as a volume:
    create -p bar
  • Run rails:
    rails s

There are some known limitations documented, and probably others I haven’t thought of, which you’re more than welcome to submit a PR to fix, or just complain about in the posts below!