Development install has missing glyphs

Running into this after upgrading to latest. Looks like the URL is getting appended twice:


Is that an official install?

No custom ports at all? Standard rails :3000 port no go?

Official as in hosted on Discourse? No, this is a local build that I use to test an integration with Discourse. Running on macOS.

Seeing a lot of places where I’m getting doubling up of http and port…


Tried changing SiteSetting.force_hostname to various things. Is there another setting that I may have messed up that controls this?

Oh that is a development install. You can use the the hidden site setting port to adjust as needed.

Already done.


Would there be a reason we’re seeing “http://http://” and “:3001:3001” in the asset urls?

Figured it out. Deleted force_hostname setting previously but didn’t realize I’d have to restart server for setting to take effect. Images are loading now. Thanks!