Diary feature for Discourse

Just wanna know:
Does Discourse have a Diary-like feature where the only person allowed to post in the Diary category is the Original Poster/Author alone, and maybe, staffs, just for the sake of it. With this feature, community members can keep an online diary for themselves (which may be private or public. But public would be the default option, of course).
So anyone has an idea if this sort of feature already exists in Discourse?

I don’t think you can enforce the rules you’re describing completely out of the box. (There may be a plugin that does more of what you want… not sure).

But even without the feature or plugin, I think it’s achievable:

  1. Create a Diary category and in the “about” topic, document the rules:
    • To create a diary for yourself, create a new topic in this category, with this naming convention:
      First Last’s Diary - Fancy Title, for example:
      Abiodun Olumide Daniels’s Diary - Crazy Ideas That Just Might Work (Or Not)
    • In the original post, share a short summary of what you plan to log in you diary.
    • When you want to update it, just write a new post!
  2. Follow diaries that you are interested in
    • Use the built-in subscription features to get updates when your favorite authors post updates
  3. Don’t reply to others in their topics!
    • There’s not feature to prevent you from replying to others, but please don’t replies will be flagged and removed. Repeat offenders will be suspended from the forum.
    • You may reply as a new topic in any other category or quote posts in other topics if you wish to discuss anyone’s diary posts.
  4. Help us enforce these rules!
    • If you see folks replying to others’ diary posts, please flag them. Thanks!

If you really run into problems with people not following the rules you could make this adjustment:

  1. Create a group like @diary-posters and only grant access to that group to Create/Reply/See
  2. Require folks to join that group to do step (1) above.
  3. Remove people from the group if they reply to others (thereby also removing their privilege to post to their own diary).

It’s not perfect, but I bet it’d work.


Thank you for this. It’ll definitely work, believe me!

And, erm, I’ll be copying your response word for word. I believe it’s the best answer to having that kind of feature for my community. Am I free to do this, huh?

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Yep, feel free to copy whatever works for you. Just watch out for typos!


I think replies can be disabled from the category settings?

These are the available settings per group on a category: