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I have a category called diary where topic authors regularly post their thoughts. I need some customized way of displaying all the posts in a topic:

	Post (author only)
		Comment (all users)
		Comment (all users)
	Post (author only)
		Comment (all users)
		Comment (all users)
	Post (author only)
		Comment (all users)
		Comment (all users)

To achieve this the plugin/theme needs the following specifications:

  • Only topic creator can reply to topic
    • Other users can only reply to posts (of topic creator)
  • only replies from topic creator are displayed in the main feed
  • Timeline control: count only replies from topic author
  • Replies (to posts) from non-authors can be expanded with “show-replies” button
  • Custom names for buttons:
    • New topic: “Create new diary”
    • Reply: “New diary entry”

Deadline: End of october

Budget: 100-250USD

Further readings:

Related plugin which might be used as a starting point: Question Answer Plugin

Plugin: Ask me anything or Q&A format (threaded replies)

You essentially seem to want to be able to comment on a Post, which seems wasteful?

Also creating a layer of interactive comments below a Post level object might be a big development task imho (unless this already exists as a plugin?) and your budget is far too low imho. Consider all the additional administration you’d need of comments, both from user and moderator perspective - that’s a BIG can of worms you may not want to open.

As a workaround consider the following:

  • If you were to create a Category or Sub-category as “Topic”, then you could just permission the author to post Topics (equivalent to your “Post”). You may also be able to permission the author to create new categories (author is in his own group, you permission the group).

  • Then users could Reply to that Topic with Posts as “Comments”. Users would be in a group without permission to post Discourse Topics and would only be able to reply to existing DTs.

That delivers most of your functionality without any development work, just a bit of configuration.

Microblogging (the inverted Ask Me Anything?)

Also consider setting it up as microblogs:

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Hey @drreen. Your budget’s too low for a standalone plugin that does all that.

Maybe we can work out something acceptable by making this an open source mod or feature of the QnA Plugin. PM me and we can chat specifics.

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