Did the 'e' key binding for Edit Post stop working?

In my hosted-discourse install ( https://forum.moversmindset.com/ ) when I go to a topic, pressing ‘e’ does nothing. Bindings are working generally… ‘c’ pops open the new topic editor.

I thought it might be an interaction with the Table-of-contents theme component… nope. ‘e’ not bound to Edit Post wether or not I have TOC inserted in the post.

I thought it might be who owns the topic, versus simply my being able to edit. (I’m an admin) … nope. Can’t even ‘e’ my own Topics.

I found this old Topic, Keyboard shortcut 'e' for edit post doesn't work

… nope. Highlighting a topic and pressing ‘e’ also does nothing.

And, even easier to test: I see the same behavior (‘e’ does not work in any of those scenarios) here on Meta.


C also works for me, but e does not on my installation. It’s a mixed bag whether keyboard shortcuts work or not. Here on meta, I was able to use c to open this composer. l did not like your post. s did not share it. I’m using Chrome 89 on Windows 10.

I don’t have a Bluetooth keyboard to test right now on iPad, but just to quickly check: in those cases with e and l, did you use j/k to select a post prior to trying to like it, etc.?


Aha, no I did not. It worked for me that time.

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Yeah as @bloomexperiment mentioned you need to select to post using j k for the e binding to work.

Feels like a feature request here some way of “implicitly” selecting a post based on text highlight?

With pictures @Heather_Dudley / @craigconstantine is the expectation that “e” would work in this type of scenario?


Yes, that’s exactly what I did initially.

Cool can you make a top level #feature request on this, I think it is a reasonable change and should not be too hard to implement making life for mixed keyboard / mice users a bit nicer.

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