Difference between Archived and Closed

(Silver Quettier) #1

I hope this question is not as stupid as I fear it may be, but I found no post here about the difference between “Archived” and “Closed”.

From what I can see, both moderation options add a lock to the title, and makes it impossible to reply to a topic.

What is the difference, both technically and in terms of perception by the user?

(cpradio) #2

In Archived, you can’t like, edit, or otherwise interact with the posts. In Closed, you can.

Both stop additional responses.

(Kane York) #3

Note on categorization: in the FAQ category, the first post should both ask and answer the question (or the first few posts, all by the same author). Someone can create a new FAQ topic with the information from @cpradio if you want.

(Jeff Atwood) #6