Differences in tags input behaviour for staff and regular users causes confusion

My third (and probably last) topic related to What about an "advanced" or "guided" submission process for new topics in certain categories - #11 by sp-jordan-violet. The same tagging rules are applied to staff and regular users, but the tag UI is displayed differently for them. This makes it difficult for staff to configure tag rules. For example:

When a staff users attempts to add a tag in the category, they see the first 5 available tags displayed in alphabetical order and the “search or create” input is displayed. Staff users can’t actually tag the topic with anything other than the required tag group’s tags though:

When a regular user attempts to add a tag in the category, they are shown the correct tag input. First they are asked to add a products tag, next they are asked to add a features tag:

Since staff aren’t actually allowed to bypass the category’s tag rules, the easiest solution for this issue might be to just display the same UI for both staff and regular users. I seem to remember this issue being the cause of a few support requests in the past.