Different between mobile display and website display

Could the main dispaly between website and mobile different? Eg: main display of website is “Latest” Menu, and the main display of Mobile is “Categories” Menu. If it could be, how can i settings it?

Thank you :pray:


There is no way to do this at the current time.

Sorry to bump this old request, but I’ve been asked for the same by our users. Is any progress likely?

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It has been requested a few times, perhaps we can add it to @neil’s plate


I think I’ve requested this before, but I’ll voice my support here in case I haven’t. We use categories/latest on one of my sites, but would prefer to have just latest for mobile. Our current “hack” is a script that makes clicking the logo on mobile go to latest, but I’d love to just have it load right to latest instead :smiley:.

That’s exactly our request too.

Is that something you could share? I’m not technical but I could pass it to our admin, as it sounds like a perfect workaround for now.

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There’s some JavaScript here that changes the logo link. Put it in the mobile-only section of a theme component and it should work :slight_smile: