Different schema type for Topics and Posts

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Currently we are using schema type DiscussionForumPosting for every post in a topic. So if a topic having 5 posts totally then in same page we rendering DiscussionForumPosting 5 times.

In this case I think it’s better to use DiscussionForumPosting only once for whole topic and Comment schema type for remaining 4 replies like below.

<div itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/DiscussionForumPosting">

   <span itemprop="datePublished">10/05/2017</span>
	<span itemprop="headline">Sample Topic Title</span>
	<span itemprop="image">https://meta.discourse.org/image-url9.png</span>
	<div itemprop="articleBody">Topic's First Post Content</div>
    <span itemprop="author">User 1</span>
 	<div itemprop="comment" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Comment">
    	<span itemprop="author">User 2</span>
    	<div itemprop="text">Second Post Content</div>
 	<div itemprop="comment" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Comment">
    	<span itemprop="author">User 3</span>
    	<div itemprop="text">Third <b>Post</b> Content</div>
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Why? What problem does this solve?

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It won’t solve any big issue :slight_smile:

Since we are using DiscussionForumPosting schema for every post Google requiring valid image property for all posts. If we used DiscussionForumPosting only once for topic then we can skip this issue. And I guess this is the correct way to do.

Currently i have not seen above schema method in discourse.

Is this method are in work in progress?

I have found one image error in schema testing tool as below.

Also, I want to hide “datePublished” items from google serp. Can anyone guide me how to do that?

No. Currently I am not sure about this change 100%. I’m unable to find any resource that recommending Comment schema type for reply posts.

Not error. It is just a warning. Google recommending the image field if available.

It is a required field.

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I am looking to hide published date shown from google search only.

I search “Different schema type for Topics and Posts” on google and found below post.


It is not recommended. You have to override the show.html.erb template file with a plugin to achieve it.


When search “Change the domain name or rename my Discourse?” found the below article but shows the date in google serp search that when article was published 1st time in 2014.

After that there are 7 revision made on that post and last updated date in 09th December 2017.

So is there anyway to set in forum or made any changes for google to pickup “last update date” instead of “date published” ?


I hope everyone understand my doubt. If anyone show tutorial post on google search result but that are showing 4 years backdated then there are less chances to click.


Ah yes, excellent point, we should check the HTML metadata there @vinothkannans to make sure for wiki posts it is using date of last edit and not date of initial posting.


We previously only used created_at date in datePublished schema property. Now if a post is updated then the updated_at date will used in dateModified schema property along with existing datePublished property. I did it for all the posts. Since we now including both the dates it won’t be a issue. Google search already respecting the both.