Different themes per category?

Forgive the newbie question – I am not yet well versed in the theme system.

Is there any way to possibly use multiple themes for the same installation? In other words, for example, have one theme in use for a specific category and another theme be default site-wide/elsewhere?

Not themes, but different styles you can. There is a class with the category name on the body.


Ah, OK. I’ve done that previously, or something close to it, so am familiar with the idea. Just wondered if there might be a faster way to adopt different styling between categories. Thanks! :slight_smile:

With SASS scoped selectors it’s pretty easy:

// put main theme here

body.category-support {
 // paste another theme here


means that I can use different theme components too
e.g. standard for everyone, kanban if you switch to “task”

can you share a bit more detailed tutorial on how to do that, I would like to do the same but cannot follow you

@Falco and @downey would you mind to grant me some insight?

Moreover, can I add an entry in the hamburger menu what switches to predefined filter and activates the Kanban Board Theme Component (or any other of the those lsited below)
In addition, is shall make visible

in the navigation bar.

That’s most likely because this support question is 2.5 years old. :smile:

If you are having trouble with installing or switching themes, probably best to open a new #support topic with your specific challenges.

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done but

was discussed here so you might be the one who is be able to explained it in bit more detail