Different category page style for a specific group


Is it possible to force a different category page style setting for a specific group or primary group?

It should be possible with a theme component, but as far as I know no one’s built one.

There is a theme component available that makes it possible to use a different category page layout for a specific theme… and it seems possible to use this as a starting point to build a component that can do the same based on group membership.


Hi @awesomerobot!

Thanks a lot for your help. I really appreciate this.

After installing this theme, I can possibly use this guide of yours here to assign this specific theme with the added component, right?

@falco wrote a component that adds all group classes to the body. I’m using this for similar cases:

Edit: ah sorry… you want to change the site setting, not the CSS styling. that’s only the above approach then I guess.


Unfortunately it’s more complicated than that, changing the category page takes more than CSS changes, so that linked method won’t work.

I had a little time and it seemed useful, so I put together a theme component that might cover what you are looking for, called Group categories page override, give it a try!