Digest email issue with 'stable'

Since upgrading to ‘stable’ from 2.3.6 we have been getting random digest emails going wrong.

Discourse is setup as a subdomain from an architecture point of view (dedicated server) but to the public its served via a sub folder. We have done this by configuring Discourse to be served from subfolder and also using Cloudfront.

This has always worked perfectly and without an issues. But since we upgraded to latest stable every so often digest emails have links to the sub domain.

We can’t understand how or why is all of a sudden happening?

If You’re installing it in a subfolder, discourse needs to be configured for that. Otherwise, there is no way for it to know if it is serving traffic to subdomain or subfolder.

By pointing links to the subdomain, it is doing the right thing as it is expected to. You may have had some sort of redirect in place but I’m not aware of how Your forum was configured. Maybe first try figuring out if everything that was modified outside of discourse (proxies/redirect etc) are in check. If that’s all good, maybe try configuring the forum to be used on a subdomain through the recommended method per

Hi Bhanu

It is setup correctly the recommended way and 99% of the time its all fine. Most digest emails are correct but some members are receiving them with incorrect link since the update.

I don’t have a subfolder install on stable to test this out but it can be a potential bug. If there is any additional relevant info, please include That too as to make it easier for the developers to have a look at it.

I have tried to debug it myself, but cannot find any reason why it would do it for the odd email.

Pages are fine
Sending a test email is fine
Previewing a digest email is fine
Most digest emails are fine apart from odd one which takes the sub domain.

This only started happening since moving from 2.3.6 to ‘stable’.


Any ideas here @Simon_Cossar? It seems odd it would only happen “sometimes”.

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Its so strange and has only just started happening.

I have a few registered accounts, all of them ok apart from one which used the incorrect urls for links.

In the digest emails with the links to the subdomain, do all the links in the email point to the subdomain, or is it just links to specific topics that are wrong?


Its all the links and the avatar images, however uploaded images are fine.


Could be your proxy setup is busted, but if it worked before, I’m not sure.

I don’t think so, it all appears to be working and most emails are fine. Its crazy!

Do you happen to have an extra / rogue Sidekiq process running somewhere?

Good question. Not sure if this is correct or not?

Hmm not sure either, I don’t like the fact that I see three sidekiqs, that is unusual except if you have a really busy server. I would consider trying to stop the two “old” ones.

When did you upgrade and when did this problem start ?


The 3 sidekiqs is correct. We are running the forum across 3 load balanced servers.

I have restarted each of the sidekiqs though. I didn’t like the fact the dates / time were different they should all have started up at a similar time.

When you upgraded your discourse website, did you make sure that all your servers upgraded? (I’m assuming that the 3 servers are the web part, and the db and redis part is in a separate server).

Maybe this is the reason that some of your emails are being sent wrong and others are sent correctly (although it would be needed to know more about your setup to make sure).


I think the problem is not whether you upgraded all your servers, I think one of them might not have the subfolder config line.


Hey Richard

All 3 servers run from the same image, so it would all be the same config.

Its really odd. I have restarted all the sidekiqs as weirdly the start time didn’t seem to match, one was out.

If all emails are now incorrect sub folder I’ll update here, I am hoping they are as that will mean an issue with this update.

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Just a quick update, since restarting the sidekiqs it appears to have fixed the issue.

Good shout that @RGJ


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