Digest send failures since update (NoMethodError)

I’m having the same problem, but I don’t entirely understand what email is failing to send or how to implement the fix. Will this be rolled into the next beta very shortly?

You can visit /admin/upgrade anytime to receive the fix, or rebuild via the console.

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Thanks! I just upgraded to 2.6.0.beta5 this morning (which is what caused the problem) and I’m not seeing any upgrades in /admin/upgrade and when I do a git pull at the console, I get “Already up to date.”

But when I rebuilt the app from the console, it seemed to solve the problem. So all’s good…

I just upgraded to the latest version but now it looks like something else have broken our installation now.
Just a blank page when trying to access the site. :frowning:
I will now deactivate all plugins in order to find out if one of them is now breaking it. I saw that two of them were also upgraded when I clicked on upgrade all.

My apologies everyone, I completely missed this yesterday. Thank you so much @Falco for pushing a fix :pray: