Digital Ocean Email?


I installed discourse on the digital ocean but how should I set up an email service? I want my digital ocean to send emails. what should I do? help pls.

There is a Digital Ocean tutorial on setting up a mail server. It’s called something like “Why you don’t want to set up a mail server”.

There’s a topic here about installing Discourse on a server alongside other stuff.

I just took the easy option and went for Mailgun!

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Mail-in-a-Box is a good solution for easily running your own mail server. It handles all the setup and gives you a web panel to manage everything. Worth checking out:

Yes I looked into that as well, and might end up using it. I think it needs to be on a separate server.

Yeah, it’s best to have that on a separate server. If you wanted it all in one then you’d probably be doing the setup manually.