DigitalOcean vs AWS Lightsail

I tried both and it looks like Discourse is deployable to both in the exact same way. Just follow the Docker instructions for both.
I ended up deploying Discourse on AWS Lightsail (Ubuntu VPS) for $10/month.


Great choice there. I am with DigitalOcean, but I got 150 USD for free from the students Github pack and realized yesterday that it is applicable with Lightsail too. :smiley:

Have been contemplating moving to Lightsail, but I will discuss with my team and do that.

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There are some comparative benchmarks here for Lightsail


What I got out of this comparison.
Lightsail vs DO
$5/$10/$40 - Same

$20 - Differ by 1 CPU - DO is better
$80 - Differ by 2 CPU - DO is better

$160 - DNE on Lightsail - DO is better


I know this topic is a few weeks old but I wanted to add that Lightsail instances are basically T2 instances with a generalized pricing structure. This means that the CPU performance is governed by credits that once depleted will throttle down your VPS heavily.

More on T2 instances here: Amazon EC2 Instance Types - Amazon Web Services


What man? You can apply the codes to lightsail too?

Sorry about the late reply. Yes.