Hosting for less than $100/month

So, how do I setup the website?
And what other host(s)? can you use?

There are instructions here: discourse/ at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub

Good luck :slight_smile:

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So I have to host with DigitalOcean?

Digital Ocean is the most popular choice, yes. But there are hundreds of equivalents alternatives. Other popular ones are Vultr, Linode, AWS LightSail, Scaleway, Hetzner.

Would I be able to host with

and do you know why hosting is like 100$ a month?

I guess it suits people with money but limited time or technical expertise, and companies who won’t quibble over price in exchange for a contract promising uptime, support etc.

Probably Not

That’s the price for getting your hosting from CDCK. Discourse itself is free & open source so you always have the choice to self host Discourse on a VPS

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@itsbhanusharma Is it possible? Or what hosting software could I use?
That’s not digitalOcean?

I’d assume you meant hosting service. You can choose any hosting service that offers VPS with specs as mentioned in the install doc.
There were some recommendations made by falco

I would add that not all VPS providers are equal. Make sure the VPS you use is KVM, and not OpenVZ, or Discourse will not install.

If (like me) you aren’t hugely experienced then just go with Digital Ocean and Mailgun, as recommended.


What part of the docs made you think you needed to use Digital Ocean? They’re one example among many of providers who will give you a virtual Linux server; other examples were mentioned up-topic. I’ve been using Contabo for a while (for Discourse and other sites) and been happy with them.

Now, if you don’t understand “these steps will work on any Docker-compatible cloud provider or local server”, self-hosting your own Discourse instance may be a bit beyond you at this time.


If you need lower priced hosting options to fit your budget, you can look into (one time setup fee, plus $5/month) or for example.


I use for hosting my forum. I am happy to say that it was exactly what I was looking for. It is much cheaper than Discourse itself, easy, and the support there is phenomenal! I almost always get a reply in under 6 hours!