Direct link / permalink to e.g. "login with GitHub"?

Is it possible to fetch a direct link to a particular sites’ GitHub-login?

Say, if you visit
they have a big Login button; but you have to click it and then select which loginprovider you want to use: github, google, et cetera.

I would like to to have a direct link to" and be logged in, or even better".

My reason for wanting this is because I’ve hacked together a system where I use 1password both as a password manager and a bookmark manager. With some shell scripts, when my user authenticates on my Mac desktop, all entries in 1password with a particular tag is logged in to, in the background, for all browsers I use. A parameter to the script reverses this (logs me out of everything).

But this setup doesn’t work for Discourse-login. :’-(
Please advise :slight_smile:

EDIT: Original question for help:

You can use

But it will still require one mouse click to start the authentication flow.