Direct users into closed categories

Hey everyone.

As our community grows, we are exploring the possibility of sending users directly into closed categories within Discourse.
In other words, offering users a link to register and then directing them to a closed category during the onboarding process. Could we do that, and if so, what is the right process?

Thank you!

So private categories work off groups. So if you create an invite and choose a group which has permission to enter a private category your users will register and have access as they have automatically been added to the group.

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Thank you @ondrej for answering! So this is possible? I’m not sure I understand how they register per a specific group that we choose for them?

as @ondrej said, if a new user registers with the invite link you provided, after sign up, they will be added automatically to the group you set in the invite.

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@ondrej can you kindly guide me to where can I find the “create invite” page? I can’t seems to find it anywhere

Go to

See this topic for extra guidance :wink:

(sorry replied to wrong post. )

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