Disable HTML Formatting for Posts

Our forum is the one for budding programmers. Now, many of the users are inexperienced and have just begun to learn the art of coding. So, while posting their questions/suggestions on the forum, they miss providing back-ticks while including their code. And as you can guess, the result is not good.

#include <iostream> becomes #include

I suppose, the interpreter considers <iostream> as a HTML tag and hides it.

I do not want this behaviour. So is there any way I can selectively enable HTML tags ? Like I want to keep <h1>, <h2>, <b>, <i> etc, but I do not want the interpreter hiding <iostream> and other similar words or sequences of characters.

How can I achieve this ?

Any suggestion would be really great!


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Wrong solution. There is existing discussion on auto-detecting and rejecting posts that have code not formatted as code.

We do not currently have a plugin for this, but we have guidance on how to write one.