Disable "welcome to discourse" and others

I don’t want anything to be posted when I finish installing discourse, nothing, no topic, no comments, in which file I can turn this off, I also don’t need any badge, nothing,

I want a bare forum what I can build without any interference.

Which file I have to edit?

You would edit stuff in discourse/db/fixtures at main · discourse/discourse · GitHub. I think the only way to do that would be to create a fork and install from that. The easiest way would probably be do to it in a development environment and then restore that database to your production site.

I don’t want any topic like “welcome to discourse” to be posted either. Which file is that what I need to edit. I see the badges but not the default topics and comments.

Maybe this will help: discourse/lib/seed_data at main · discourse/discourse · GitHub

thank you very much Jay

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