Install issues pre-topic/pre-post badges etc

I want to install Discourse correctly, this is the 5th time I installed and all the time some default topics are created when the install done, I also want to disable the majority of badges before installing.

It is very annoying that I need to edit all topics which created automatically in order to maintain the ID of the topic.

There isn’t any way to delete badges which is sick because I only need around 10 badges. However badge ID 1 - 4 is fine than if I create a new one the badge ID will be over 100.

I don’t need any pre-topic/pre-posting nor I want the the majority of badges. My staff action log is full of changes which are all related to the install, the install have no configuration options for the owner.

What I can do to solve all this?

The main problem with pre-topics and pre-posts after install is that the TOPIC ID will be trashed, just like the BADGE ID also messed up pretty seriously. I can’t have a clean install of discourse is totally absurd.

I don’t want nor the system nor discobot to post anything after install, I WANT TO CREATE the first topic and post and I want to create badges apart from Basic, Member, Regular and Leader…

The easy solution is to not care what the badge and topic ID numbers are. That’s what everyone else does. If you want to spend an extra hour or ten you might edit those badges out of the source, though I’m not sure whether they’ll still get added the next time the database is migrated (I think not).

You can also restore your old database after a new install rather than starting anew each time, so you don’t need to go through all that more than once.

If you’ve got a budget in the $250 to $1000 range (I’m not quite clear on what you want or how hard it will be) you could post in #marketplace.

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I do care about the topic IDs and the badge IDs.

Why is requirement to create post automatically after install? It is absurd.

At least you can tell me how I can wipe the Staff logs clean?

UserHistory.destroy_all ? How to clean staff action logs? - #6 by jomaxro

How to use this. My biggest problem while I’m admin I can’t even wipe clean logs.

The topic ID in large forums does matter, how I can disable automatic topic creation and posts after inst

To execute UserHistory.destroy_all you first need to

./launcher enter app
rails c

I haven’t seen anyone else concerned about topic IDs. If it is a large forum, it seems even less important whether the id is 10000001 or 10000101.

To disabled the seeded topics and badges, you’d edit stuff in db/fixtures, build a new database, and then back it up. How to do that in app.yml is complicated. I’d probably do it in a development environment to generate the new database you desire. Looking again, thogh,I’m not quite sure whether those would get seeded on future rebuilds. You’d need to try it and/or RTFM about rails and seeding.