Disabled login, now cant login

So, I foolishly disabled all the login options in the admin settings of my discourse installation.
Then I logged out.
Now I can’t log in. When I click ‘login’, the login box is completely empty.

Silly I know, but is there any way to restore?

You’ll have to SSH into your server, cd /var/discourse, ./launcher enter app and then rails c to changes the values of some of the SiteSettings :wink:


If you have access to the server, sure:

/var/discourse/launcher enter app
rails c
SiteSetting.enable_local_logins = true

So, about those presence features… perhaps Discourse also needs an “@user is composing a reply” indicator? :laughing:

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I would still continue writing my reply :wink:

In addition to modifying site settings via the console as suggested above, admins can also get in through the admin-login system. https://forum.example.com/u/admin-login

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