Disabling activation emails while doing a disqus import

While researching disqus import I came across this warning


Since these are users who’ve already been on the site (technically), how do I ensure they don’t get another activation email?

In settings search for disable emails. Then after importing clear the queue:


Does this mean that users will be considered activated?

You are importing users into WP who are already activated in Discourse, so their status will not change as long as you use the same username and email.

If there is a discrepancy between the WP user and Discourse user you will get a new user created in Discourse.

So, if you have Bob with bob@home.com in Discourse now, and the same Bob in WP but with bob@work.com, when he logs into Discourse from WP, he will become a new Discourse user Bob1.

Once Bob has logged into Discourse via WP the first time, he can then go back to WP and edit his email and it will carry over to Discourse.

Thanks for the clarification. So this is a fresh discourse setup. There are no users on discourse and I am migrating all the WP comments to discourse. So technically these are new discourse users.
Does that create a problem?

I misunderstood this ^^ part. I don’t know how the WP comments importer will do it, but the phpBB importer I used created activated users from valid users in the old forum.

How do I clear the queue?

See the link in post #2 above.

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