Disabling all publishing features on a multisite WordPress


We just made a Discourse install to use as a support-forum (not unlike this one) to our multisite WordPress install (1000+ blogs on the multisite install). We added WP-Discourse to use WordPress as an SSO provider for Discourse so that our WordPress users don’t have to create an account on the forum. It’s configurated in the WordPress network’s Discourse settings and works fine.

We do not want any of the blogs to use any of the publishing features of WP-Discourse, and only need the plugin for the SSO feature.

Apparently, the only way to hide all publishing features from a blog to users is to hide the publishing username from the “Your profile” pages of a blog in the blog’s Discourse settings > Publishing tab, and also to un-select all post types in the “Post Types to Publish” options ?

If I’m not mistaken and there isn’t a global option, it would be great is an option to disable publishing from WordPress to Discourse on all the blogs of the multisite could exist in the network’s Discourse settings, it would save lots of time.

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I will add an option to the plugin to disable publishing posts to Discourse. I think it is a fairly common use case for the plugin to only use it for its SSO functionality.


Many thanks for the answer!
Would it be do-able from the multisite settings or blog settings only ?
By the way, is there a roadmap for the plugin’s development ?