Disabling deletion/withdrawl of posts?

Hello all!

I’m working with a client who wants to prevent the deletion of posts after a time period. We have a grace period enabled for editing, and I had assumed that carried over to deletion as well.

My search of meta and of the settings isn’t turning anything up. Is there something I’m missing?



Odd this is the first time I have heard this request, it does sound like a reasonable request to me, but given it is so rare I do not think it is going to find its way into the product for many years.

As it stands your 2 options are

  1. Write a simple plugin that introduces this, would probably only be 10 lines of code. You can commission it on #marketplace

  2. Archive topics where you want to disable deletion. End users can not withdraw content from archived topics.


Ha! I appreciate the response. I definitely agree it’s not worth the time if I’m the first to ask about it.

I’ll use this as an opportunity to try my hand at some Ruby dev and see if I can build the plugin myself.