Entirely disable post deletion


I’ve tried to find an option for disabling post deletion, I saw this article, but it doesn’t exactly resolve my issue - is there way to prevent users from, once having posted a topic or reply, deleting any sort of post?


Removing the delete button from the post actions menu is what I would do - from the post menu site setting


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Is it possible to do this for only TL1 members or would this disable it for everyone, including administrators?


Unfortunately it disables it for everyone. In addition, I’ve just thought of another caveat, you can still delete posts using keyboard shortcuts.

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Even if deleting is impossible, he could edit his post to nonsense?

Even though you should really consider if you need this, let’s say edit and delete are both unavailable, what does the user do if he discovers the post still contains e.g. Personal information after posting?

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That’s okay, thanks for trying. I’ve changed the setting you’ve stated to the maximum value (876,000), hopefully that will suffice. Thanks!


The forum is locked, it’s not public.

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Or, one could edit their post to literally contain (post deleted by author), which functionally would be the same as deleting it.


You can set max post deletions per minute to 0 to disable post deletions.


Another Option though as you mentioned will not prevent keyboard shortcuts.

Instead of removing from the post menu. Use CSS to target the button to display none if trust level is less than tl2.

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