Disabling "enable names" makes admin act strange

Disabling enable_names setting removes the full name everywhere in the GUI.
Except from the administrator view - so far so good.
It seems to work, but it does not.

  • at first the name does not appear
  • you can edit it
  • it then appears but is never saved

See video

Version: tests-passed as of this morning.


When editing a user in the admin menu. Changing user Name saves but upon refresh nothing was saved.

See no name in Name

Edit & save. Refresh page no name saved as per above pic.

Running Tests Passed up to date.

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Is the enable names setting enabled?


No not enabled. So recent bug. @JammyDodger can you merge this topic with Richards?

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I’m not sure it’s recent

An admin should be able to see and update the name regardless of the enable_names setting. :thinking:


Well new enough as hadn’t noticed this change in behavior until t gently.(Even though it looks like issue was first maybe reported 4 years ago?)

Richard’s post from January.

Granted the 2 forums I have in use is 4 years & 7 years.

So likely why hasn’t noticed it when it did change as not often changing/fixing details for a user.

It seems like they maybe need to add a setting? So name is enable and the choice to display globally or not

As mentioned in the discussion you linked full name should be minimally displayed to user and admin.

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