Disabling English slugfier for topic's URL in Korean language setting

Continuing the discussion from Making Non-English Category URL Understandable. Not like /c/13-category:

@sam Would you disable English slugfier for topic title totally in Korean language setting?
(Better to disable for category URLs by default also, but cat URLs can be changed manually.)

For now, if I make a topic with Korean: "안녕하세요 여러분" → then it will be made with URL /t/topic/192. It’s OK.

But if I make a topic with Korean + English: "Interstellar 주인공 이름이 뭐죠?" → then it will be made with URL /t/interstellar/193. It doesn’t keep the original meaning well. Worse case, it possibly ruins its original meaning badly.

Also, I think it would be better to keep consistency. All the topics with /t/topic/###, not some /t/some-english/###.

Would you disable this feature? What do you think?


This seems fine, happy with a PR to fix this if you can work on it.


Hmm I don’t get it. :disappointed_relieved:

And I am afraid that I can’t fix it by myself.

PR fired. @sam


Thank you!!! :smiley:

I guess all I need to do is… waiting some time those changes to be released?

http://example.com/안녕하세요-여러분 is a valid URL. Why doesn’t the slugifier accept all letters and numbers?

Old browsers don’t support this but I guess you could opt in … for whatever reason, they never standardised on this in Korea afaik, but @winterbox would be able to give you a better answer.

I don’t know how was it originally.

But not long ago, there was transliteration filter applied. So slugs were made Korean → English weirdly.
I asked @sam to disable that feature for Korean language setting.

Also I told him that in my country, Korean slugs( ex. /t/안녕하세요-여러분-반갑습니다) are not that commonly used. We prefer just English letters and numbers like /topics/###

If Discourse slugfier accepts Korean letters exactly (Not transliteration),
I think the best way is that Admin can choose the URL types like Wordpress:

But I am not sure about Discourse slugfier mechanism, I am not an expert here, so I just report them about my opinions. :smile:


Your opinion here is gold. We have no idea what the social conventions and web norms are in Korea. Just because we can technically show Unicode letters in URLs does not mean that it is the norm or desired in your particular country.

It seems to me that for you a “slugifier” is a superfluous function you wish to skip.


Actually, some guys appeal to add control over this in Chinese communities. However, I don’t care this. Most Chinese users won’t notice the slug. I may wrong.

Slug may be helpful for SEO, or not. At least, the default topic is sufficient. Now I am open to your proposal about options here. But the options should be a site setting. @winterbox Can you open a feature for this option to help me track this proposal.

zh.wikipedia.org use Unicode as url since its start at 2002.

Some programs can’t handle it very well, they may show a long encoded string when pasted some url into them which looks bad. Leave a site setting to change is ok.


wikipedia are a huge abuser of urls, its not a big surprise to me. Do sina or weibo do the same thing?

They use numbers and random hash for url. Local Ruby community use topic id, too.

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I believe there are site or category settings for this now @sam?

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Yes this can now be selected in site settings

You can pick encoded/ascii or none as you slug style