Discourse slugs aren't transliterated


i installed a new discourse forum. i set forum language as Turkish.

created a topic with title Peyni̇r üreti̇mi̇nde kullanilan starter kültürler

but discourse created url wrongly, it cutted some words wrongly.

url should be peynir-uretiminde-kullanilan-starter-kulturler

@atozsoft I’m bit new to Discourse. But you can try with “encoded” settings. FYI - Removing the concept of "slugs" for some languages

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tried. if i select encoded it creates slug with non-english characters . i want urls only with english characters.

What you want is “transliterated” slugs, which isn’t a Discourse feature. We offer:

  • ascii
  • none
  • encoded

slugs currently.

If you want to work on support for transliterated slugs, it should be doable with as a core change or plugin.