Disabling features for certain users who are abusing the like function?

Hey guys. I was wondering if there is a way of disabling various functionality on a user basis. I have couple of users that are kind of abuse the like functionality and I want to limit only that, without affecting other functionalities or other users.

There is any way of dealing with this? Thanks!

No such function exists, you can globally limit likes per day but not per user.

However, you should not feel powerless as a moderator.

You can message the users and ask them to stop.

If they ignore you, you can ban them for a day and see if that gets the message across.


If they are TL2+ you can lock then on TL1, make the likes per day smaller and the tl2 additional likes per day multiplier bigger.


Already did that; they reduced their „liking ratio”, but sometimes things go a bit crazy. :slightly_smiling:

(Banning permanently only for this small thing? It feels wrong to me, so I rather not do that.)

Oh well, no biggie. Thanks!

If TL1 have 5 likes per day and the TL2 multiplier is 15 and they are locked to TL1 you can get some control.

Of course you’ll hurt other TL1 users, so it depends on the distribution on your community.

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No don’t permaban I would simply escalate ban periods until the point goes across

You start with 1 day
Then 1 week
Then 2

And so on


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