Disabling full name changes

(Kevin Lim) #1


I have just begun operating a small discourse for real life friends and I wanted to enforce a Real Name policy.

I’ve required full name on sign up and an approval only policy, but after sign up users can edit their Full Name. I want to disable this so that an approved user’s full name is essentially locked after sign-up, but an admin can still edit the field.

I was looking at where this check happens and it seems there’s no logic that will let me enforce this policy exactly:

Username and e-mail have settings that relate to whether a user can self-edit them, but there are no such settings for full names. Is this true? Is there some work around?


(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

I have an instance where avatars are handled elsewhere and I changed the preferences template to hide the avatars change section. You can do the same.

(Kevin Lim) #3

I see. That seems like a clean solution.

Was the separate avatar handling page a custom page you’ve added?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #4

Yes, I changed the preferences template, so the little pencil from avatar on preferences page is a link that send people to the avatar change page in another system. Our avatars were handled outside Discourse and integrated with the setting default avatars.

(Kevin Lim) #5

Thanks I think that gives me an idea of how I might proceed.

(Robert McIntosh) #6

Interesting. I have a similar requirement for a Membership site.

In my case we will carry over Real Names from a separate site with registration using SSO. We will allow users to adopt usernames for taking part in the Discourse conversation, but we want them to always be linked to a Real Name on their profile, and so do not want them to be able to change it once it has been populated during registration.

Is this possible?

(Felix Freiberger) #7

Since you’re using SSO, checking sso overrides name should solve your problem :slight_smile:

(Robert McIntosh) #8

thanks! I’m not yet using … but it is the plan I am putting together and so have not discovered that yet. Much obliged