FB Login - Do not allow Full name to be changed

I currently have mandatory Facebook registration/login activated on my Discourse installation.

I noticed that users are given the option of choosing user name AND changing their full name.

Is there a way so that their Full Name cannot be changed (but with a small text that explains that their Full Name will not appear on their Public Profile)?

Thank you.

Our SSO provider supports sso_overrides_name which would give you that option but you would have to use a custom SSO provider on your end.

I do not think we have such an option for facebook auth.

@david have you noticed this as a common request? Do we want to pull some of these settings out of SSO only mode and allow them for managed authenticators?


Thank you.

It would be helpful for me because I would like to (try to) migrate at least some FB users from a closed FB group onto Discourse over time, and it would let me know who is who.

There may also be users who are fine with letting their Full Names (pulled from Facebook) be part of their public profile, since these FB users already have pre-existing relationships with one another that they probably want to continue on Discourse.

Yes this kind of request is very common, I would like to make some improvements here soon